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About Us

Make yourself a home in Austria! We want the best experience for you.

Sevas us em Ländle! (Austrian)

Since 2015 we are happy to host people all over the world!

We love it to share the secrets, highlights, and insider tips from our region with you. So you can cross out a couple of things from your bucket list.

One of your biggest joys is to connect with our guests. We have a open, friendly and casual approach to all newcomers of Armonia Homes. Do not hesitate to inform us about your special requests!

Since a few years we are verified super hosts. Regardless we are eager to improve our service so please give us feedback after your stay.


We are happy to welcome you at Armonia Homes!

Gerhild & Rene

The Team
Gerhild Balosan.jpg

Gerhild Balosan

Hello! My name is Gerhild and I will be your main contact during your stay!

I would consider myself a warming and open Host. Connecting with people all over the world really brings joy to my life. Therefore I decided to bring Armonia Homes into the world! Before I began my new career I´ve worked as a neuropath, but I´m still happy to give tips about health :)​.

I´m a frequent traveler in my free time. I love to see the flora & fauna, forgein meals, culture and people all over the world! And all my experiences from travelling flow into Armonia Homes. I´m dedicated to offer my guests the optimal comfort, functionality and well-being during their stay. My goal is to help you have the best time in Austria!

Languages: German, Swiss-German, Romanian and English. Also a little bit of French, Italian and Spanish - just enough to survive ;).



Rene Levy Potrait

Rene Levy

Bonjour, my name is Rene and I will be your second contact during your stay!

I love traveling, meeting new people and riding a bike on a sunny day. Others would consider me as a warm and charming personality; maybe because of my french roots :).

Most of my time is invested in programming and finding solutions in the Information Technology department for my own company.

I am happy to help where I can during your stay!

Languages: French, German and English.

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